Cook Like A Champ If Your Lazy, Unambitious and Can't Cook


 My omeletes don’t look like the stuff that dreams are made of. They are often greenish, and messy and almost always break apart in the frying pan. Lame frying pan.

I’ve come to terms with the atrocity of my ugly omelets much like  the fact that I will probably never be battling Bobby Flay to defend the honor of my cooking.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t cook. And here’s another fact. Even though I was always a bit too lazy to learn the proper way to make an omelet, when it comes to trying to cook healthier options, I really enjoy it.

There are probably millions of recipes out there for everything you can ever imagine. And I am inclined to like the ones that are in video format. You know, the simple-stupid ones that make a turnip into some deep fried magical health food oozing with pizza- dipped bacon and sprinkled with marshmallow covered cheese.

As fabulous as this may sound, if you’re like me, you may come to realize that nine times out of 10, you don’t have any of the ingredients for that fabulous creation laying about in your fridge. Which would mean you would have to stop watching Gilmore Girls reruns and get up off your couch and go to the grocery store to shop for a recipe that was suppose to make your life easier because it was in video format. I guess that would be the case with any recipe I suppose.

Some of us are so lazy that sometimes we can’t even muster effort to produce meals designed specifically for lazy people. It may be that there are too many ingredients in the recipe or too many steps. Perhaps the instructions were written with too many letters in the paragraph. Or maybe the photographs are just too pretty and you know that your food just won’t turn out like that. Why even try?

Here’s the deal. You’ve gotta eat, right? And just because you don’t have time, flair, or the desire to invest in all those hyped “simple” recipes, doesn’t mean you can’t eat quick and healthy with what’s already in your fridge, and it doesn’t mean that your food can’t be  delicious and pretty once in a while. You may even get to Instagram your creation.  So why not give it a try? To make things even easier, You may wish to explore the following:


Pre-prepped Veggies Are Worth the Effort


Keeping your fridge stocked with an array of fresh, organic veggies is one thing. It’s a whole other ordeal when you have to rummage through the fridge, get out a chopping board, chop, wipe the sweat off your brow, wash your hands again, then cook. Make sure you have your veggies chopped in advance for those moments you need to toss them in the frying pan, or arrange them on a cookie sheet for a quick roasting. Or, if time or laziness is a real issue, invest in the pre-chopped veggies that come pre-packaged at the supermarket.

Organic Canned Foods Are Your Ally


Yes, I am aware that this may be a controversial recommendation., but I’m talking BPA free cans of organic beans, corn, soup, stews and whatever else fits into a can. Organic canned foods manufactured from conscientious companies are a great bridge for those individuals who may be slowly weaning themselves off of junk toward a healthier lifestyle. Used in moderation and in balance with the financial budget, they can provide a helpful foundation toward a customized menu. Just think of the possibilities. Lentils, Chickpeas, Kidney Beans. Chili's. Mix your options up throughout the week and cook something fresh to go along with it. When you’ve decided your direction, season that canned food until it taste like home and make yourself a delicious meal.


Blend Your Soups


I will not argue with you about why your favorite blending apparatus is better than mine. I don’t care. Why? Because lazy people just want someone to chop things for them and it doesn’t matter who. Just put the veggies  that you have on hand (a choice of root vegetable is a good starting point)in the hole with water, organic broth or your choice of milk alternatives and hit the button that says “chop” or “grind” or whatever button that makes them magically liquefied.  This is a quick and trusty way to get healthy soups that are easier on the digestive system. Just liquify, season to taste, heat up and enjoy. Top with a dollop of organic sour cream or drizzle with chopped parsley and artisanal olive oil if feeling inspired. Add gluten free rice crackers, lentil chips or side salad to accompany.


Stir Fry Anything


Making a delicious stir fry with healthier cooking oils like coconut or ghee could quite possibly be the quickest way to make a gourmet meal and get your fill of fresh vegetables. With your pre-prepped veggies on hand you can have a delicious meal in minutes. Keep your pantry stocked with organic pre-made sauces that can easily transform your veggies in a matter of seconds. Teriyaki. Sweet and Sour. Ginger Sesame. Southwestern. Gone Meatless? Make sure you have your liquid aminos on hand. Add an accompaniment of quinoa or buckwheat to boost your protein levels.  The possibilities are as endless as the online recipes that exist for them. And your inspiration will be just inside you cabinet.



Cheese Makes Everything Taste Good.


I once wrote a love letter to cheese. That’s how serious it is. Not only does it taste good, but it makes everything look insanely delicious. So how do you adopt a truly healthy diet and include a huge amount of cheese?

Drum roll please: You can’t! At least, I don’t think you can. I’m still waiting to see what new scientific developments unfold. Regardless, this doesn’t mean that you must avoid it mercilessly if your constitution will tolerate it or your particular dietary regimen allows for it.

Some nutritionists will insist that cheese is in cahoots with the devil. I am not a nutritionist. I am a girl who likes pizza. So until you are ready to truly live a hardcore cheese-less life, I suggest to use it with great consideration to your health needs.

Invest in a good brand of organic grass-fed cheese. Pre-grate it and use it sparingly as a subtle  topper to bring out the beauty in what you’ve cooked.  If you can’t have cheese, keep a delicious cheese alternative on hand made from cashews or walnuts. There are countless recipes online for nut based cheese sauces or sprinkles for those who are free of nut allergies. You may need to rally your motivation to make your own, but it’s well worth the effort.



Garnish the Heck out of Anything You Cook


I don’t care if it’s grilled cheese. Throwing a sprig of fresh parsley on that bad boy makes you look like freakin’ Wolfgang Puck. Allow yourself to be creative. Top simplistic entrées with a handful of chopped walnuts, sliced avocado or slivers of fresh citrus. Sprinkle your oatmeal or desserts with a blend of organic nuts, raisins, cranberry or goji berries to give an added flair that packs a healthy punch. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it enriches not only the beauty but also the flavor and nutrition.