The Awkward Purpose Debut

Where's My Ticker Tape Parade?

Here's the scoop. I was positive that once I opened up to the awareness of my calling, that the world would receive me as if it had been passionately waiting for me to share my genius all along.Things would magically fall into place, cause I KNEW STUFF! And it was time that people got a whiff off all that awesome!

So naturally once I came on the scene, there would have to be confetti as well as a ticker tape parade, a marching band, parade float and possibly cake and ice cream sundaes for everyone!

Nope. That's not even close to what happened. What I was met with instead was a horrible realization: That I actually would have to develop a platform that would allow me to share my gifts.


It took me some time to get over the fact that I would have to grow, adapt, work smarter and surrender if I wanted to actually be of service to others. I would have to engage with people, build relationships and be accountable on social media. When dealing with introverted patterns, this can be excruciating. It's up to use to decide how we will rise to the occasion.

I chose to rise to meet the challenge. Some people never make it that far. 

The truth is, most of us will have to work toward building our empire. Even if that empire only consists of a Facebook page, a yearly toy drive and and hosting a monthly book club, It's still a PURPOSE EMPIRE and it's still a special gift to the world. It takes work, dedication and drive to blossom it into it's full potential.

If you're on the fast track toward launching your purpose, here are some quick tips to get you started.

1. Don't get sidelined by the competition.

Competition is what we make of it. When we decide to see possible Influencers as enemies, we have lost a major part of our ability to connect, grow and network. Remember, nobody can do what you can do the exact same way that you are able to do it. Be proud of your special brand of unique genius.

2. "Introverted" does not mean "anti-social"

Trust me. It's not the reason why you can't gain momentum in your purpose.

There are lots of highly successful introverts who work with the public. But if you're an introvert and find it hard to make progress because of it, it's quite possibly because of how you feel about people. These feelings are most likely resulting from limiting beliefs and perceptions. This can be resolved.   

If you are an introvert and intend to be of service to others, you must learn to engage and build relationships, even if you harbor the impulse to keep to yourself.  Introverts are often profound people who have a deeper insight and sensitivity. Use these gifts to connect with your audience in a way that brings integrity to your brand.

3. Don't lose sight of your "why". 

When you settle into a niche, an encounter with the idea of market saturation is enough to have you running scared. Suddenly you look around and see so many people doing the exact same thing as you. Maybe they are doing it better. Maybe they have been doing it longer. The bottom line is this: There is a reason you started all of this. They're reason will often not be even close to yours. When you have a powerful reason for wanting to share your particular gifts with the world,  will continue to inspire you  

4. Don't stay stuck because of your budget. 

Why? Because you have to start somewhere. if you keep waiting for when money is falling from the sky, chances are you'll never start. With a little research and drive, you can start to build your platform without the use of high end resources and services. Sure those things come to be invaluable when you are off and running, but when you are first starting out, you may need to learn to be resourceful. Ain't no shame in that game. The important thing is that you keep on moving forward to the best of your ability. Check out my Free Purpose Launch Roadmap to get your started. 

5. Don't rely only on what you know. 

Allow yourself the gift of skill building. Hang out with people who have been there and done that. Don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Do the work. Upgrade. Rise. If you need help, find it. It all may sting a little at first, but you will gradually move into the kind of arenas that can support all that awesome you've been toting around. And then maybe we can see about that ticker tape parade.